Avon Oak Tall Bookcase and 2 Drawers
Avon Oak Tall Bookcase and 2 Drawers
Avon Oak Tall Bookcase and 2 Drawers
Avon Oak Tall Bookcase and 2 Drawers
Avon Oak Tall Bookcase and 2 Drawers
Avon Oak Tall Bookcase and 2 Drawers

Avon Oak Tall Bookcase and 2 Drawers

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Lawrences Furniture was originally established here in Kidderminster as a general furniture store and commenced trading during 1970. In the years that followed the company expanded its sales presence not only in the local area of Worcestershire but also in the West Midlands and Birmingham, Shropshire, Warwickshire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and beyond. 

During the late seventies and early eighties the company recognised the growing trend and demand for pine furniture and became one of the Midlands leading retailers in this style and type of furniture. While the company still offers a diverse choice of pine furniture there is also a very considerable and substantial emphasis towards oak and painted furniture by way of choice offered and featured showroom displays.

The company is mindful of its roots and the enviable reputation it has enjoyed over many years and it has an ongoing and continuous commitment towards offering varied choice, style, quality, service and genuine value. It has likewise always sought to embrace the challenges and changes of lifestyle trends and innovation in terms of product development, technology and recognition of consumer expectations and needs.

These attributes still hold true today and being a family run business with a long standing, experienced and dedicated team of people, Lawrences Furniture Centre is still committed to old fashioned values combined with an innovative and a modern approach to retailing in the twenty first century. 

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Avon Oak Tall Bookcase with 2 Drawers is a fantastic addition to your home, blending style and storage into one elegant piece of furniture. This tall narrow oak bookcase is crafted from high-quality oak wood, it exudes a sense of quality and natural beauty that only real wood can provide.

This tall oak bookcase UK has been precisely crafted with precision, ensuring it can stand up to the rigors of daily use, making it a robust and durable choice for your home. Its sturdy construction ensures that it maintains both its functionality and style for years to come, becoming a reliable and long-lasting fixture in your space. The oak finish applied to the bookcase not only enhances its aesthetics but also simplifies maintenance, allowing you to enjoy its beauty without the constant hassle of upkeep.

Beyond its durability and charm, this solid oak tall bookcase offers practical storage solutions. It's not just a piece of furniture; it's a way to organize and display your favorite books, collectibles, or decor items. The open shelves of tall slim oak bookcase provide a perfect platform to showcase your cherished possessions, while the two drawers offer a discreet storage space for your essentials, helping you keep your space organized and tidy. Whether it's in your living room, home office, or any other area, the Avon Oak Tall Bookcase combines timeless elegance with valuable functionality, making it a standout piece in your home decor.

  • Two drawers and open shelves for versatile storage.
  • Easy-to-maintain oak finish.
  • Sturdy and durable construction.
  • Made from high quality solid oak.