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      Painted Solid Oak Dresser Units

      A solid oak painted dresser is the perfect way to give a room a little refresh and add life to your home, whilst bringing a touch of personality and style to your space. Dressers have a beautiful antique feel to them, but with an on-trend painted finish, our solid oak dresser units have a contemporary look.

      In our range of painted oak dressers, you can find a variety of styles, colours and sizes to suit your space. Each is handcrafted, designed to the highest quality and evenly painted for a smooth finish. Shop our collection and find the perfect painted oak dresser for your kitchen, hallway or living room, and order today for speedy delivery.

      Our range of painted oak dressers

      Oak kitchen dressers have been a staple since the Victorian era and beyond, so they make a beautiful and vintage addition to any home. Whether you decide to place it in the kitchen, as is traditional, or in the dining room or living room, it is certain to make a welcome and stunning addition to the home. Originally designed for storing dry food, tins and cans, solid oak dresser units can now become the home for a variety of items, such as your Sunday best crockery, souvenirs, or mismatched cups and saucers. However you choose to fill it, your new solid oak painted dresser is certain to be unique.

      Here at Lawrences Furniture, we have a great range of wonderful pieces to choose from, including a large solid oak dresser unit, complete with upper shelving, and lower cupboards and drawers. The solid oak dresser top features a sleek glaze, allowing for easy cleaning and reducing the chances of wear and tear. If it’s a small space that you’re looking to fill, you’ll also find small dresser tops that are fitted with lights to illuminate as you organise. These can be easily stacked above your existing kitchen tops for added storage with a rustic, cottage feel.

      Create cohesion with your painted oak kitchen dresser

      Once you’ve selected the perfect painted oak kitchen dresser, your mind may turn to creating cohesion throughout the room by matching your furniture. At Lawrences Furniture, we make it simple for you to create a uniform appearance in every room, so if you want a painted oak bookcase, side table or TV unit to match, we will have the ideal solution for you. Browse through our painted oak furniture collection by clicking the link in the overhead menu to discover just how many options we have available, or by looking through our entire list of collections. Alternatively, if you’d like some help with matching your furniture correctly please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team.

      Painted Oak Dressers FAQs

      How do I keep my solid oak dresser unit in the best condition?

      When you order from Lawrences Furniture, you are guaranteed the highest quality. Every single one of our painted oak kitchen dressers has been designed and crafted with the most care possible, and created to last a lifetime. However, to make sure you preserve your new painted oak dresser for as long as possible, there are some things you can do to help.

      First of all, bare in mind that wood can be affected by heat over a long period of time. While it is traditional for a solid oak dresser unit to be placed in the kitchen, make sure that you avoid positioning it too near a radiator or other heat source. If you’ve got a blank wall that is away from the oven, that could be the perfect spot!

      If you ever spill a substance on to your painted oak dresser, wipe it up as soon as you can with a lint-free cloth to prevent any moisture from soaking into the wood. While we do offer dressers with glazed tops, it’s better to clean up spills as soon as possible to extend the life of your dresser.

      Lastly, be careful with the household products that you use to polish and clean your existing furniture with. Anything that is too abrasive to the solid oak dresser top or body may harm the paint or wood over time.

      Will I be able to return my painted solid oak dresser?

      We pride ourselves on making our online shopping experience as stress-free as possible and we understand that while you may be happy with the appearance of your painted oak dresser, it may not fit quite right. Although we hope that you will be very pleased with your order, we do offer a returns policy for all of our customers.

      If you would like to request a return, please fill in our returns form. All we will require is some personal and order details, plus the reason why you’d like to return your furniture. We will then be in touch as soon as possible with further information and an RMA number. In order to make a return, you must make sure that your item is unused and in brand new condition with the original packaging and no signs of damage. If you have any questions regarding our returns policy, please feel free to contact us and we’ll do all that we can to help.

      How much does delivery cost for painted oak dressers?

      To ship our painted oak kitchen dressers in the UK, a standard delivery fee of £20 including VAT will be charged. This cost covers delivery, fitting and removal of any packaging if you live within a 25 mile radius of our Kidderminster showroom. If you live beyond the 25 mile radius and depending on the size of your order, the delivery fee may increase to ship our painted oak kitchen dressers in the UK, but this will be applied at the checkout. If you’ve spotted a painted oak dresser that you love, but live outside of the UK, please get in touch with us and we can give further information on shipping and any extra costs.