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      Enhance Your Storage Solutions with Style: Painted Blanket Boxes

      With plenty of storage space inside and space on top for an extra seat, our painted blanket boxes are the perfect choice for bedroom or hallway storage. Available with either a painted or oak top that opens, you can find the style to match your bedroom décor with our painted oak storage boxes, great for keeping blankets, clothing, towels and more.
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      Handcrafted Painted Oak Blanket Boxes

      You can never have enough storage solutions for your home, no matter what room you are looking to furnish. As they are versatile, painted blanket boxes can fit anywhere you choose. From the end of a bed, nestled next to a wardrobe or chest of drawers, or even in a hallway or landing area by the stairs. With plenty of room inside to store all manner of personal belongings, and space on top to use as a makeshift seat, our painted oak blanket boxes will provide what you’re looking for. You’ll see throughout our selection that there are a number of different styles available, from more traditional to modern designs. One of the more classic painted oak blanket boxes we stock is in the Swindon Bedroom collection. Available in grey and bright white, these blanket boxes feature a painted lid and raised feet with panel details for a traditional look.
      If a modern contemporary style is more to your taste, you can choose from painted blanket boxes within our Kingstone Bedroom collection. Also available in grey or white, these feature raised legs and a natural oak top that has metal hinges for a smooth opening action. You can also choose a narrower design from the Worcester Painted Bedroom range. These painted oak storage boxes are slightly narrower than standard painted blanket boxes as well as taller, featuring a natural oak top for a stunning contrast finish.

      Choose Range of Painted Oak Storage Boxes

      Our painted blanket boxes are available in a bright white or darker grey finish and really come down to your personal preference. Matching this furniture with a modern interior design is easy, especially because of these neutral colours. Whether you go for a brighter wall paint for your bedroom or choose a stylish wallpaper design, you’ll find our painted oak blanket boxes will complement many different types of home design.

      Antique Painted Blanket Boxes

      Our Antique Painted Blanket Boxes exude timeless charm and character. With their weathered finishes and vintage appeal, these boxes add a touch of history to your decor while providing ample storage for your blankets, linens, and more.

      Chalk Painted Blanket Boxes

      For lovers of shabby chic aesthetics, our Chalk Painted Blanket Boxes offer elegant simplicity. The chalky finish gives these boxes a rustic charm, making them a cozy and inviting addition to your living spaces.

      Grey Painted Blanket Boxes

      Grey Painted Blanket Boxes offer contemporary versatility that complements modern decor. The subtle grey finish adds a sense of sophistication and neutrality to your storage, making it a seamless fit for various room styles.

      Hand-Painted Blanket Boxes

      Our Hand-Painted Blanket Boxes are a true testament to artistry and craftsmanship. Each box is a unique masterpiece, showcasing hand-painted designs that add a personal touch to your storage solutions.
      Whilst looking for the perfect painted oak storage boxes, you may be looking for matching items to fully furnish your room with a uniform look. You’ll find the name of the manufacturer the painted blanket boxes belong to on the product page, where you’ll be able to see the full matching range. Whether you need a practical wardrobe, bedframe, or chest of drawers, you’ll find suitable matching options all in one place.

      Have it All at Lawrences Furniture

      At Lawrences Furniture, we have been stockists of handcrafted oak, painted and pine furniture for over 50 years. We keep an eye on the latest furniture trends and offer designs that are a mix of traditional, timeless classics to modern, contemporary pieces that will look stunning in your home. We offer unbeatable prices and value for money to the Kidderminster area and wider surrounding regions. In fact, wherever you are in the country, we’ll help to deliver to you if collecting from our showroom is not practical. If you have any questions about our painted blanket boxes or any of our ranges of oak furniture, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team today.

      Painted Blanket Boxes FAQs

      How Much does Delivery of Painted Blanket Boxes Cost?
      All of our furniture is available to deliver at a standard flat rate of £20 including VAT, which includes the delivery, fitting and clearing of packaging. If you choose to purchase one painted blanket box or multiple items from us, the same standard rate will apply if you live within a 25 mile radius of our Kidderminster showroom. For any deliveries further than 25 miles, a higher delivery cost may be required which we will quote at the time of your order.
      Can I return Painted Oak Storage Boxes if I Change My Mind?
      We provide a simple returns policy if for any reason you request to return an item of furniture. If after your delivery you decide our painted oak storage boxes aren’t for you, or if you have ordered the wrong item by mistake, all you have to do is fill in our product returns form and we’ll provide an RMA number. You’ll need to state the reason you wish to return, especially if you have experienced damage on delivery or it is faulty in any way. Once we have reviewed your request we will confirm if we agree to the return of your furniture. For any faults or damage, we may request photos to show the extent of this. Please advise the delivery driver if you notice any issues on the day of delivery.
      How Do I Find Matching Furniture to Painted Oak Blanket Boxes?
      To make it easier to find more of the same furniture supplier, you can browse through our full collection of manufacturers here. Alternatively, on the product page of any of the painted oak blanket boxes, you will see the name of the collection it belongs. Click on the link and it will show you all the matching furniture in that range available. Remember, if you order multiple items together, the delivery charge will be the same as ordering just one, so you can save on delivery costs with a larger order. Additionally, we can ensure the furniture matches in colour to the other items on your order.